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Valentina Pena


Valentina Pena is the founder and leader of the Critters & Creatures crew. Being an only child that grew up with dogs as her best friend, she's had a deep connection with animals throughout her whole life. A connection based on love, empathy, trust & effective communication.

Valentina has spent her whole life learning about and working with not only dogs but a whole range of different critters & creatures. Some of her qualifications include Animal Care, Vet Nursing, Dog Behaviour & Training, and Pet First Aid. She also has a lifetime of experience working in a variety of different sectors of the pet care industry including grooming salons, vet clinics, animal rescues, and pet shops.

Her real passion though has to be working with puppies and their families with the focus being on getting it right from the start! Valentina has been teaching puppy preschool classes and offering one-on-one support to people with their pups since 2016. Valentina's aim is to maximise the connection, joy, and harmony between you and your canine friend, not just during those early stages but throughout the rest of you and your dog's journey together. Valentina uses modern approaches based on positive reinforcement, non-aversive discipline, and effective communication tailored to you and your dog's needs.


Critters & Creatures Pet Care:

Proudly supported Bikkie Day 2019, a fundraising event for Guide Dogs & the Blind Foundation

Money Raised: $262.56

Areas we service: Wellington & Lower Hutt

*Distance fee applies if based outside Wellington & Lower Hutt region